Pt. 2/2: Chad Johnson Slams "Scandal", but says the show depicts women's true nature


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Pt. 2/2: Chad Johnson Slams "Scandal", but says the show depicts women's true nature

In part 3 of Peter Bailey's riveting monogamy debate with Chad Johnson, the two discuss the roles of women in monogamy and how Chad considers a majority of women driven by materialism and opportunity; drawing on the popularity of shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane in making this controversial claim. Send feedback to peter@iampeterbailey.com.


get chad back he's the only one being honest

Juwan Plummer

Chad was right mostly. Women are attracted to success or a solid mouthpiece. Good mouthpiece will get them but success will keep them. There are good wholesome women but their far and few between. Chad is right.

Kacy's Kastle

This host is sooo Nerve Racking, he keeps putting words in his mouth!

Ray Love

Sooo Honest!

Ray Love


A McDowell

28:45 Floyd Mayweather who he talking bout


this dude don't need to be interviewing chad he needs to be interviewing himself cause chad is telling him his truth and he don't want to hear it.

Christ Child #7

Chad the truth.

Cerron Pritchett

lmfao you listen to trey songz?



Richard Delgado

Chad's facial expressions is killing me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

IGrim Reaper



real is real and fake is fake chad speaks a lot of truth but sadly we live in country were people hate the truth

michael jackson

Chad is fronting. He is in so much pain and don't know how to express it.


You just have hatred in your heart fot this fella let it go merry christmas


Women are attracted the most to men who have the capacity to have sex with women. They want the Alfa male and his resources, but the true Alfa male identity is having his pick of the litter....most women will never connect that ideology. There's a reason 80% of the women date 25% of the men.

Geraldo S

Chad fix that fire alarm asap!


heyyy peeps can I just add something here part of what Chad is talking about is quite true, i'm frm London by the way and the other day me and my boys were looking at NBA Wives and NFL Wives on the internet, and its true when Athletes get to certain point of Status in sports, they can get any pretty groupies, girlfriends and Wives, why?? because they have money and Resources even the Ugliest Athletes. it's crazy so when the Money goes will the Honeys stay?? Jay Z voice lol. so to get a ride or die chick when your in high school or something that Loves you and accepts you for who you are there are definately women out there trust me, trust me. God will reveal them to you. He will.

J Stone

I just have ONE wish: that the interviewer would ask a question and then (GASP) allow the interviewee to actually respond without being interrupted

Buttafly Jones

I agree with Chad on this interview, even different cultures allow men to have multiple wives and women will deal with a man that has multiple wives if she can get something out of it, and yes, a guy doesn't have to have options to cheat, even the regular dude working a 9 to 5 at the factory is cheating on his girl, at work niggas talk about cheating on their girls all the time, I don't believe that men are only meant to be with one woman because even people in the bible and quran had multiple wives and those books were constructed thousands of years ago, so it's always gonna be like that, and I do believe that most of these celebrity wives wouldn't even give their husbands the time of day if they were regular dudes, even if they were together since high school she probably figured that he would become a huge star one day so she stayed faithful to him, why do you think the football and basketball stars at your high school get so many girls while the guy with straight A's can't even get a date to prom, even though the guy with straight A's has a higher chance of being successful at his profession than the star athlete



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