Pt. 2/2: Chad Johnson Slams "Scandal", but says the show depicts women's true nature


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Pt. 2/2: Chad Johnson Slams "Scandal", but says the show depicts women's true nature

In part 3 of Peter Bailey's riveting monogamy debate with Chad Johnson, the two discuss the roles of women in monogamy and how Chad considers a majority of women driven by materialism and opportunity; drawing on the popularity of shows like Scandal and Being Mary Jane in making this controversial claim. Send feedback to peter@iampeterbailey.com.


MLK 😂 child please that's not even his real name

da Joka

the imJesuits. Crafted Monogamy and marriage... if you eat with your eyes why is your true sexual nature not tied to that.. we are Polyamourus by nature... programmed to monogamy by Man...

Todd Tollfree

The interviewer needs to STFU he let CHAD TALK won't watch him again

Carolyn Clarke

I agree some hurt him because I’m that woman who believes in being beside a man through thick and then. I’m with a man whose been incarcerated for many years and I haven’t left his side. Material things doesn’t rock my world it has it be much deeper than that. Im want someone to build an empire with . You both should bring something to the table and it doesn’t have to be money even though it would help but if there’s potential then why not.

lisa Poole

U still got some women who will still hold their man down whos on his dick

lock boi beats 305

Chad speak that real shit

lock boi beats 305

The dude is fake as heck he knows his azz be feeling lonely and empty. Sex doesn't take care of everything a person needs. But i agree if a men is honest with what he wants in a relationship don't be ok with it and than act like a victim when he has a side chick.

Fiol Reeves

Fackington Cinco, Aboriginal game!


"The dealer is just as guilty as the buyer"


Chad is a Fucking sociopath! I like him tho..👌

Kia Ragland

I'm going to say this! a woman lie just like men do. Stop playing the victim card all the time. The last thing is I hate when y'all don't like to except the truth

jonathan anderson

If you got to go under that bridge she leavin ya ass 😂😂

Rick Rijuana Productions

Why the fuck does he keep saying his name before every sentence...

justin lake

Most obnoxious interviewer in history!!!

Kween Sheba

Maybe you need to watch part 1 of this interview. Chad say's a good woman will not make a man be faithful. You being willing to be his "down ass chic" won't make him make him not put his penis in another. He's letting women know that monogamy is mainly a fantasy. Women think they have something other women don't have when in fact, your intellect, your loyalty, your independence, your virtues won't make a man keep it 100 with you and many women possess the same
virtuous attributes.

Kween Sheba

welp! Atleast he's honest. lol.


i get the safaree vibe from him...scaff beezy wat up!!!!!

Christina coles

Peter you ruined the interview by talking more than your guest. You are a pseudo-intellectual and a horrible host here.


"If you got to go under that bridge, she leaving yo ass" -Chad Ocho Cinco

Hollywood Hawkins

I feel Pete tho ... We all want someone who gone be down BUT .. Its America, Social Media, & 2017 ... Aint no mo broke love boss. That shit dead. And even when it was that time, it was very subtle. Even in the 50's. Like mommy said. Gotta add something to your life, it dont have to be money, but you need bread in order to fulfill things. Especially in America.

Go Gi


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