Pt. 1/2: Chad Johnson Explains why he says "Men, Even MLK will Never Be Faithful"


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Pt. 1/2: Chad Johnson Explains why he says "Men, Even MLK will Never Be Faithful"

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed docu-series by venturing to Chad Johnson's Davie mansion to continue their much talked about debate on monogamy. The two break down the many temptations that come with being faithful and discuss even Dr. King's infidelity.


my questions are 1) who are you? 2) why i am watching you talk slowly?

Augford P. Doggie

Stay true to self but dont step on others doing it
own your shit like you mean it then all in invovled can take it or leave it


Realladi 228

He really drinking a squeeze it tho

Aww Skit

Putting your hands on females period is where it ends for me. Sorry it's just something I can't over look.

Cree Lawn

Hes right the higher the standards... the more chances a woman risk for that man to step out a time or two, its like eating at the buffet, all the good food is taken, everybody wants it.

David Jackson

chad loves himself and is honestly so happy that's why he can say he loves everyone something else ppl don't understand.


chad is honestly cured and happy deep inside man ppl don't understand this man,but we get judged that we ain't cuz the way we look at things from a more realistic perception,and you learn from everything.


see its not that chad is in denial at all of relationships that didn't work for him or bad choices honestly, and that's what ppl don't understand. he's just confident and sure of his own perception and views on life on what he believes, but that's part of being yourself honestly and keepin it realistic,not caring what everyone thinks or says based on each other just to look or sound normal because everyone is doin everything what the person next to them are doin. you honestly gotta think and have this type of personality and loyalty to yourself to understand chad.


The interviewer is kinda of lost, thanx Chad!

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

Peter Bailey looks like a buff Trey Songz.

Connie Marie

This is all explained by Darwinism. Lets not lie to ourselves about reality

Octavio Santos

Was he referring to Evelyn as the person he would have loved to grow old with?


Are cigars bad for u especially for athletes

Mukoro Oweh, Jr.

Chad speaking that real for all you goofys

Clint James

This is an interesting interview but what fails to be discussed is that, there are many ways to exist in the world.  And we can choose the lifestyle that we want to live, as well as whom and how we engage with encounters and relationships.  The whole thing about right and wrong, is usually understood in the aftermath, how people are treated during and after the encounter and whether there was integrity being exchanged.  By integrity, I mean honesty, and transparency.  Chad, though I don't know him personally nor his history, it seems as though, he's just being himself, and if he does not hurt people in the process or is malicious about his approach, then thats the experimental lifestyle he is desiring to live.
 I'm not going to comment about whether his 'truth" is righteous or not.  However, I will say the one thing about players, is so often there is deceit and a slyness about the approach, discreetness and usually when that negative seed is at the beginning of an encounter of a connection, it will become a seed in the byproduct of what happens thereafter.  However is Chad, is transparent about how he acts and is being honest with women, they women should develop the wisdom/discernment and the decision to engage with these kinds of men or men who are in it for the 'long haul' and into monogamy and whatever is fitting for their vision in life.


Stop saying "I'm going to be honest with you"


Lol Chad refuse to believe that he is in control of the bad decisions he's made

We Were Once Kings

WTF is Chad talking about? SMH who wanna be with a hoe? Can't turn a hoe n2 a house wife.

Shayne Davidson

How does he feel about his daughters in the future? Is he saying their going to be shallow? But in all honesty my grandfather has been with my grandmother since high school, has he cheated? we don't know, but have they been together for over 50 years without trouble? yes. Monogamy is a real thing, its up to a man to keep his urges and desires to that of the one he claims he wants to be with. If you know your going to be a dog don't even mention relationships, don't lead a female on. And the same can be said for females to, not gonna just blast the males cause there's females out there to. No woman likes sharing her man, why accept that. He said it right, trust issues, and they are placing the same stereotypes on all women, and that's not fair. A man is unfaithful because he doesn't know how to control himself, bottom line. You can't blame a woman,  its your own desires. Just like women are the same, you cheat because you choose to cheat. 


This was a great interview

Godfather Creed


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