Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"


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Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"

Peter Bailey continued his critically-acclaimed series meeting up with Prodigy of Mobb Deep in downtown Miami where Bailey and the legendary Queens emcee discuss the Illuminati and hip hop's role economically empowering urban communities.


Did not choke on an egg! Fuck u

Viking Excavating

Ayisien musier yé

P Lewis

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Baz Joseph

Prodigy was funny suck in his own world Rip Prodigy

Steve Boateng

I miss this man, P you were one of the realist.

Project BMW

That’s a fact NOT EVERYBODY CANT BE RAPPER....It’s MYSTICAL you’re BORN INTO A BECOME A ILL WRITERS NAS, MOBB DEEP, WU TANG CLAN, BIGGIE, OLD JAY Z, PUN, EMINEM, PAC, SNOOP etc.....Like My Pops always said someone’s got throw out the garbage and mop the floors or deliver food....We can’t all be Lawyers, Doctors and so on.......Thank You for this Priceless Interview a REAL Gem 💎.....R I P PRODIGY God Bless 😇🙏
Peace Love n Respect ✊ from Flushing, Queens

Lazaro Rodriguez

Ok in today's time for anyone reading this it's simple get rid of the government problem solve .I don't think anyone born in the 90ds or 2000 will watch this video or anyone born after 2020

Maine Maine

Best interview ever. Word!

Real D

R.I.P ... Mane really missed CUZZ 💪🏼

it's ME bubz duH stupid

How things are going today I think prodigy was right!!

Reagan Baby

i love his advice about how to rise above your environment. @ 19:58 u can see he really knew by 1st hand that life is suffering. (prob cause of his illness) rip.

david dave

Once you reach a certain level of consciousness down here.. you get plucked. Your talents are needed and utilized elsewhere...

Th3 P15c3s G0d

I love prodigy. He is a legend

Conrad Murray

This interview is much more relevant today.

Space case

Did bruh call Prodigy ignorant on the low?

Dupree Addison

18:04 start to talk about the illuminati

rita g



Ps definitly on point even in his sleep yo the mans definitly a prodygy one.

chefboyrashid jackson

Sick jacket. Rip.

K Micheal


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