Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"


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Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"

Peter Bailey continued his critically-acclaimed series meeting up with Prodigy of Mobb Deep in downtown Miami where Bailey and the legendary Queens emcee discuss the Illuminati and hip hop's role economically empowering urban communities.


We had a few black presidents before Obama I voted at 21 for that clown and was fooled to thinking we've won, Abraham Lincoln was not white, He has black ancestry and there's another black president we had. Knowledge is power ppl wake up

Oblivion/ 13

Great interview you exposed his bullshit, What kind of answers were those, As a collective every soloist and group could have came together to help the poverished ppl that still live the struggle they popularize and make profitable, A simple community center, Daycare with a educational system, A stem program, renovation on condemned homes to get families out the projects, So many things can be done these rappers don't care, They're fake leaders, Vampires they suck our energy, Fake deaths sponsored by the labels to gain off these fictitious characters, Tupac Hoaxed channel Woke me up, And answered questions to hell understand why these guys never truly invest lyrically or financially to the world they use and help pollute and purge, Keep articulating your truth to expose all these fakes, Salute and if you really believe they're real, Watch Tupac Hoax, Cointelpro, And other FBI and cia psyop operations are still in effect

Oblivion/ 13

Its very suspect ..dieing in a hospital especialy when they can help if they see you choking and all hospitals i been 2 i never seen them making eggs its suspect 4 sure .

erie uptowns only

“Big guns sharp knives revolvers cuz automatics Jam at the wrong time”

Will Hopson

Interviewer a whole bitch for setting him up. That last question, about him dying...he started fidgeting his fingers, And he talked about himself getting succesful when he brought up the illuminati. smh


no disrespect, but why is there music in the background? and why is the audio so soft?

Death Rager

They killed him. I bear screaming in the background of this video. Fuckin wicked yo. I'm not watching this no more.

Dakotah J


Tazio Tasi

R.I.P. P

ThinkB 4youAct

Maybe he didnt choke on a boiled egg????????? R.I.P

Kerry Humphreys

This so called illuminati dont exist okay they fooling yourl .God is still in control dont be scared of this so called illuminati..my foot

Scientology Scientology

9:10 Exactly how mf's "thought" they was just gon' start rapping. 😂😂 [It takes at least a minmum of 10 years or longer to perfect any craft you want to set your mind to.] - RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) said that shit best!


Though P was a successful artist for decades before his death when you listen the interview he gave from his car you will note that up until that point he was drip feeding information in his music but then he said that's done with and he was going to be very direct. So he had really only just started at the point of his murder. That's why he was murdered: He had just started.

David Kasta

Prodigy died in the flesh...but his music lives on...we all have to go...im sorry he left us so early.... #INFAMOUS


Good interview though.

Ronald Hawkins

This dude looks like a rehabilitated Fabolous.

Ronald Hawkins

Long live P”

Guest List

So is dmx but atleast they got him with dignity, while they are straight up torturing x... Realest rappers who in history...

Remy Arroyo

Rip Prodigy! we kno wassup!


P killing me with the know im saying LOL rest in peace brother one love

shakur carter


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