Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"


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Prodigy On The Illuminati in Pop Culture, "They Know Kids are Watching"

Peter Bailey continued his critically-acclaimed series meeting up with Prodigy of Mobb Deep in downtown Miami where Bailey and the legendary Queens emcee discuss the Illuminati and hip hop's role economically empowering urban communities.


Interviews get you killed... Don't ever walk up on me and try to interview me... Not happening

Next to forever ministries


Innikka Chambers

So I've been listen to prodigy's all his interviews for the last wegrew up in the 90s listening to Tupac the new a little bit about mobb deep because my friends had they CD but me being a dumbass that I was I thought Pac was the s***but the more the story is that I didn't know prodigy was a very very intelligent man so right now I'm just listening sucking up all the information that I can so I can better myself you know

Dorian Sanchez

They kylled hym becauze he told da truth about secret societiez namely tha order of bavaria, tha 13 blood lynez such az tha merovingianz n tha rothchyldz, factz.

Kernel Coleman

Man hegelian dialectic a classic, free agentz a classic, mobb deep tha hardest duo ever in hyp hop lyric wyze n beat wyze, factz my nygga. Prodigy, havoc n alchemist make classical shyt together. Seriouz shyt

Kernel Coleman

Im just catching up to this R.I.P prodigy , and shout out to this interviewer straight to the point and straight intellect

Bash Francis

They put some'n in that egg. Ah mean how eazy could it be... naaa mean?

Javier Subia

The higher ups in the music industry are the music owner are covering up murders!!! And very satanic people around the world!!!!

Truth Spoken

Prodigy KNEEEEW WHAT HE WAS SPEAKING ABOUT!!!!! Yes he knew what was going on and now millions of more people hv woken up!!!

Truth Spoken

Rest in Peace

هيونكل الغضوري العنزي

Pimp c & P my fav!!


He sacrificed himself by opening up about the truth. I’m grateful bc now I’m not sleep thanks to P


They killed my bro my teacher my inspirator... You will be missed P but your legacy is here 4ever P.. Rest up easy big bro... Love


That dude in the video trying too set him Up talking about the illuminati

Jay The Finesser

After over 60 countries/overthrowned since WW2 by USA ,people should see the big pic that USA are just another puppet for the elite familys that use the world as a playground for their agenda... but people really suffer by them one way or another, if it is thru economic problem, war or brainwashing.
1,5 milion of my pp died in iraq thanks to these rich fucks that made the system for motives!

Im glad to see people like Tupac, Nas and Prodigy for Puting their knowledge about the system out there for us

Leo Walzim

Real nigga fasho p-dolo prodigy nutten but love for this guy sorry he passed he was a real Jewel.

Ohio city Gamegodzelite

I slept on prodigy. I'm listening to his old interviews books etc. I think that hardcore shit in the 90s really messed the culture up cz people couldn't b themselves. He could have done allot more I think.

J Kitch

Obama was a puppet of the companies(illuminati)

J Kitch

Rest in peace prodigy now that's a real one

Lu S

timeFULL SALUTE to the GodMC Prodigy✊🏾

Very inSIGHTful dialogue, Brethren

The Masses Must Keep Asking Different Questions..


In the spirit of UBUNTU -- UHURU

Quotes by Black Panther Party Chairman, Fred Hampton (assassinated at age 21 by the Chicago Pigs- Dec. 4, 1969)

"Power Any Where There's People"-👊🏾-

"I am the People NOT the Pigs..."

" They can kill a Revolutionary but They will NEVER kill the rEVOLution..."


Brick by Block
Block by Block

What's the Call?

Free ALL Political Prisoners


GlobalSisterzMedia X


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