Peter Bailey and Ice Berg Discuss what's wrong with Miami & Urban America


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Peter Bailey and Ice Berg Discuss what's wrong with Miami & Urban America

In a special live taping of NiteCap, acclaimed journalist Peter Bailey calls a town-hall meeting to discuss with Miami hip hop star Ice Berg the problems destroying Miami's inner-city and that of the rest of urban America.


Love the interview homie...Im from Miami too..Keep doing what you doing..Iceburg is evolving

Bryan Mike

this so real!

Mike Pearson

My man!

Mike Pearson


Shonteria Garner

He's amazing...I love his voice

Shonteria Garner

He won't sell out so he won't get the exposure yet and what he stand for is not compatible people what they do kno

Howard Evans

I like this interview a lot. I wish I was in this conversation

Alex Raphael

I agree we as a people must chill with all this genocide on each other but bailey its not true. We dont kill each other as much as they have and continue to kill they are just very intricate at hiding and making us believe we are a sad poor race like it's not 5 black billionaires. Truth is they took a mass race people for over 5 centuries and counting n systematically destroyed put whole history and sense of family dynamics.THERE IS NO WAY AFTER ALL THAT TRANSPIRED DURING SEGREGATION CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENTS N SLAVERY THAT WE WOULD PROVE UNAFFECTED . NOO UNSCAFFED MAYBE BECAUSE WE'RE STONG.WE ARE JUST WAKING UP OUTCHEA SO BLACK PEOPLE PLEASE DONT BLAME YOURSELF FOR IGNORANT ASPECTS OF SOCIET DO LIKE MY KING BILLION πŸ’―πŸ‘‘πŸ’—BASICALLY SAY U EITHER APART OF THE PROBLEM OR THE YOYR THE SOLUTION HE WAS APART OF THE PROBLEM NOW HE APART THE SOLUTION AWESOME ASS BILLION!!πŸ’–πŸ’–


nawww Berg it ain't babies having babies cuz u a success story out of that. but it's a mixture of why we can't come together as a unit which is being humble willing to listen understanding what different healing process there are that we as black ppl have to cope with and even stay on track. it's even family members you might not know they are your family because of the beef parents had when they were siblings or 5 women with 3 kids each beefing over one dude so da kids won't know nothing bout they other brothers and sisters. to me the best leaders are the ones who can come down and work among the workers from time to time, matter fact who are the leaders???? lmao shit crazy mother fuckers just selfish won't even take time out unless you made a certain amount of dollars and have some type of brand before they consider using you for they come up!!!

Brandon Brown

mia not the world but startin. somwher matter. "spiritual life matter" @noah mars

noah mars

Real good interview. IceBerg one my favorite rappers. He always reminded me of a southern Nipsey Hussle on a mindset level. Prolly cause I started listening to them heavy round the same time

G Braunny

Peter bailey need 2 listen 2 john henrik clarke/amos wilson/khallid muhammad


Dade county one time for ice berg ✊✊✊✊

Trippy Maldonado


Trippy Maldonado

I like this here real talk about couple common problems in Miami and the every day life in general. Will be looking forward to watching this more often.

SilentMovement 305

"Truth Be Told" ...
Miami's time is coming.
All of Florida.

Rodney Gustave

This is one of the best interviews I've seen in a while. Fucks wit Iceberg for real tho


I Love Iceberg

Shaveria Holliman

Go Peter!
True intention! Service to initiate change
Change for the better!
Good to have met this brother
Great stuff Peter


We need this locally in Saint Louis chi town areas

Nik Reece


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