Lil Boosie Talks Black on Black Crime, Gimmicks in Hip Hop & Monogamy


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Lil Boosie Talks Black on Black Crime, Gimmicks in Hip Hop & Monogamy

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed series by meeting up with Lil Boosie inside Miami's James L. Knight Center where the two discuss the exploitation in gangster life in hip hop & Boosie's responsibilty as a a spokesman for the inner-city.

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The difference between whites and blacks is that whites hate their trash without shame. Blacks have been taught to protect theirs.

Alex f

boosie is louisanas tupac

shadow moses

Dope interview!

Black Smith

That dap up at the end was real af

Triston Hanson

It has to be a moral decision amongst your people to decide it's wrong to sell crack to your family members nobody should have to tell you and nobody should be able to bribe you or pay you enough to sell crack to your family members can't blame that on anybody but yourself

Freedom Noey

I'm glad the comments in these videos are from years ago lol. Y'all mfs were stupid, hopefully y'all woke up by now.

DropSixteenTV Tv

interviewer needs to retire....

ice sk8er

Ah ah you fuckers are joke taking advise off guy that,s killed people really,

marty harv

Boosie spoke nothing but the truth..BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO STOP TAKING BLACK LIVES...IT'S TERRIBLE IN RICHMOND VA...EVERY other day They Killing each other...


I really dont know why all yall bashing him when im african american and agree with what he is saying cause he aint lying is just the fact that yall dont want that truth to come to light the fact yall cant handle the truth without trying to say he hates his race which he doesnt so all yall need to get this together and listen to what hes saying its probably more black people that kill black people than any other race cause you cant tell me that not atleast one black person in america is not shot by another due to gang violence or what not cause it seems only black lives matter when police get involved

Aye hi like pie ?

Boosie is real in this interview. Peter Bailey is the coon (in my eyes a black man being white a.k.a FAKE!!) How you a brother while trying to be a white man interviewer trying to exploit the African American culture? Try looking into the camera if you truly want to fake authentic. Boosie is the truth!!


I love him...Wow! Peace and blessings to him <3 <3 <3

QueenCoco Brown

I appreciate your videos i like how u try to the youth cause lord we need alot people going blind to the truth cause wicked of the earth try to change u🙏👆😇👼

Clayton Douglas

18:20 that's me right there when im excited. I...I....I....Ii.....I...I...i...I...I Lmaooooo


Best interviewer

Wold Star Hip Hop Fights/ Music

I'm white and from the UK, and this is how I see it. Black Americans have a horrific legacy of slavery and everything that happened after that. From that alone, having a culture that was taken away, and not being allowed to have families- will leave it's mark on how that new culture develops. Also, you will have generational trauma stemming from slavery like Holocaust survivors do.
What I see now with all the issues that people like Tommy Sotomeyer talks about- single mothers, materialism, violence etc it's not specific to African Americans. We have the exact same idiotic behaviour in the UK with our underclass- it stems from extreme poverty, poor parenting, lack of education. Wanting quick gratification. The nickname we have for them are 'chavs'.

So what I see in the US is a culture that stems from deep trauma- and parts have broken off into an 'underclass'. It's not a race issue at all.
But no doubt the mix of 'underclass behaviour' and a legacy of trauma from slavery is a toxic mix. Also, a lot of untreated mental illness and child abuse issues and poverty.
Please do not be so hard on yourselves. There are many violent and toxic and dysfunctional cultures out there, not just African Americans.

leopard prints

Self made winners credit themselves. Self made losers blame others. It's all excuses.

The government will give you just enough to keep you voting for them. Handouts make you complacent, makes you dependent, and 50 years later blacks haven't made their situation better.

If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. But he'll be back tomorrow for more. If you learn to fish you can eat for a lifetime and now you have people who answer to you. That's how you win and black people haven't figured that out.

Clayton Bigsby

true interview and I always felt the same way ,boosie is kicking facts . morals seems like it doesn't exist anymore
and black lives should matter to blacks first because blacks destroy each other quicker on a daily basis, respect to boosie

Tony Snow

THE BIGGEST SECRET: GLOBALIST GOV'T LAST 20 YRS= You broke, can't make money bc of them, tell the gov't all about us to get food, then the COPS KNOW WHERE TO GO! CAPITALISM NEED TO COME BACK! Fuck this.


Stick Together Ya'll! The truth is coming out! CAPITALISM: WORK HARD=have money & peace, regardless of who you are. COMMUNISM+SOCIALISM=only rich ppl have money but everyone else is poor or serving the rich folks. ITS NOT BLACK, ITS PPL IN POVERTY WHO AT THE BOTTOM BC WE A VICTIM OF GLOBALIST GOV'T FOR LAST 20 years. #realtalk. Capitalism is what we NEED so badly...so we keep what we make & can help our own communities...not send all money overseas & cry to the governemtn...the same gov't that arrest us every fucking day! They act like it's profiling against black, or criminal lookin people, or sex workers, or sexuality; but those same ppl rich they dont have problems, my family used to be. COPS PROFILE POOR LOOKING PPL & 'BAD' PARTS OF TOWN; then divide us by giving it a sublabel. #endpovertydiscrimination #endfalseflagprofiling #endprofiling #upwithcapitalism #downwithglobalism



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