NiteCap 1/2: Lupe Fiasco: "There's Wealth In Other Avenues"


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NiteCap 1/2: Lupe Fiasco: "There's Wealth In Other Avenues"

In part 1 of Peter Bailey's NiteCap with Lupe Fiasco they discuss the business of hip hop and how it affects the genre's conscious roots


Lupe have a really good catalog of music! Chicago have a handful of living legends in music period

Ron's Opinion

Respectfully Lupe, Walmart wouldn't be infringing on your right to free speech by deciding not to carry a product with profanity in it. They would in fact be exercising their right to use caution and not alienate their customer base.

Nickie Stone TV

Just stating an opinion. A lot of the political things he says doesn't make sense, but I see a lot of people are too nutt hung on him to dig deeper than the music.


Nope, seems like you were though.


lupe is sooo effin cute :D been having a crush on him since he first came out with kick push

Bella Lidia

I completely agree with you! Peace.

Contre Courant

Getting rich isn't just money. Riches in spirit, knowledge, and experience.

Journal Wright

Most People..... Look at people with money and think they "got lucky" or have a skill most people don't have..... Is belief.... A plan & Action ..... Learn how a fed up Wal-Mart? Cashier quit his job 60 days after learning this simple secret..... Visit: MysteryOfSuccess(dot)com

Melanee Davis

Makes him a Genius,.

Danylin Sommers

You are so right,

Danylin Sommers

Weather you agree with him or not, you have to respect him.

Tyler Kirkwood

Lupe Fiasco is my favorite artist. He stands for what I stand for, he speaks his mind and he tries to make a difference through his music and through other methods. He is someone I inspire to be like. Also I feel more encouraged to make a difference in my community and in my environment because of him. He's not the norm and I like that because neither am I.

Tyler Kirkwood

Good stuff

Aubrey J. Simmons

you know ?

ismail ben-faraj

You seeing as his POLITICAL (<---- for those of you who can't read) views differ from both individuals. Justify your statement with facts and quotations please because I fail to see how any of there political views compare. =/


I really enjoyed this interview. Fifteen minute interviews are definitely necessary for lupe fiasco.


Dude, Lupe's views are derived from the very teachings and works from Howard Zinn (he knew him, he's been in his documentary side project) and MLK. So in a sense, if you find Lupe's political views inadequate or outlandish even, guess who else you think is an idiot.


personally, I think he's amazing.. I mean what he's thinking, what he's saying, what he's doing.. it's so simple yet has really deep meaning. i dont care what other people think about Lupe, my opinion is immovable - he's a freaking rebel in the hip hop industry. (with love from Russia)

Mary La

1st thing you did was was saying that Lupe sounds like a idiot on a video where a lot of Lupe's fans gather.


You seem confused by earlier statement. You should stay out of conversations that have nothing to do with you. What I said has nothing to do with his quotes from those men. =/



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