Author Brad Meltzer Talks Jay Z, Kanye West & The Iluminati


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Author Brad Meltzer Talks Jay Z, Kanye West & The Iluminati

Peter Bailey continues his riveting NiteCap series, meeting up with author and the History Channel's Decoded host Brad Meltzer at Books and Books in Coral Gables where he discusses the Iluminati in hip-hop and the rap superstar who asked him to investigate it's role.


This is a great interview! The only thing I want to point out is that the Freemasons are not the Illuminati. They are actually the anti-Illuminati. Masons are good people. Our nation was founded by Masons on the principles of freedom and personal rights. As Masons in the Government have decreased throughout the years, so has our strength as a country. The Illuminati want you to believe Masons are the problem. It's the oldest trick in the book and America falls for it every day.


I just puked in my mouth a little

aka MizK

Everybody's hero should be the Messiah Yahushua Christ

Gerard Johnson

Where you put your trust and governments they always fail

Gerard Johnson

Jay-Z Mark's god for calling himself Jay Hova in the book of Isaiah the 42nd chapter verses 8 for I am the Lord and that is my name and my glory will not give to another never my praise to graven images Isaiah 48:11. For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will i do it : for how should my name be polluted and i will not give my glory unto another.

Gerard Johnson

This guys good like him

Roman T

Hmmmmm, something is very wrong with interview.

Theresa H

Because Lee Harvey Oswald didn't do it alone and it has been proven! I been studying Brad Meltzer for years and came to the conclusion that he's an agent!

80s Classic

I enjoyed watching Decoded but after listening to this video - this is so much cow dung!

After listening to this interview my opinion of Brad Meltzer dropped through the floor falling into a bottomless pit.

Of what is Brad Meltzer afraid?

I'd purchase his book at a his book signing - ask him to autograph the book. Affirm with Brad that the book is my possession now that I've paid for it. I'd tear it up in tiny peaces in his presence and throw it in a waste basket.


He came to my highschool today :) Hobbs High

daniel gonzales

What's up with rap stars throwing up symbolism of the illuminati like the triangle hand sign for the all seeing eye, like Jayz & Kanye west that must mean that they have some connection with them which would make them partially responsible for the fame they have obtained so many people in the music Ind and Hollywood have ties with the illuminati makes you wonder what's really going on

Tony Arnott

Peter, How much does Jay-Z pay you to be his spokesperson/public relations assistant?

Sylvia Ross

First off they pray to satan for there talent they have two you know how many artist that are really good in really rap about something that will never get famous 3 they only rap about begin pimps drug dealers in killing so why wouldn't they be famous in Satan's Paradise if they follow suite with the devils agenda sorry bro I'm awake in saved can't fool me.......KAHJMAN!


Kanye West is not a genuine Christian. He's a pagan under the title "Christian" just any other Trinitarian or Oneness claiming to be "Christian."

Irrefutable Truth

no hip hop or rapper worked for anything its all been handed to them

Wesley Young

BRAD mELTZER WORKS FOR HOMELAND SECURITY. He is full of shit and a tool to make the unawoken look the wrong way. This knob interviewing him may as well lick meltzers asrehole. Meltzer is a strawman.

Mick King

these 2 are full of it.


Illuminati = Jesuits = Pagan Roman Catholic Church = Beast of Revelation 17 = The Black and White Pope of Rome = Satan

Rev13,2 says the Beast (the Roman Catholic Church)gets its power, seat and great authority from the Dragon - the Devil.

Find out why this is true: (don't take my word for it!)

Dr. Walter Veith - The Wine of Babylon
Dr. Walter Veith - The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Dr. Walter Veith - Occult Agenda (9 parts)
Dr. Walter Veith - The New World Order
Dr. Walter Veith - A Woman Rides A Beast
Dr. Walter Veith - The UN Occult Agenda
Dr. Walter Veith - The Final Conflict
Dr. Walter Veith - History's Coming Climax

Paul Baron

The Illuminati propaganda is accepted by hip hop artists through threats and some like Jay Z simply dont have the guts to stand up to them and simply sellout to the Freemasonic bullshit,,and puke out their propaganda everytime they get a chance.Just a sellout move to do it.


Well done

Alvin Joseph


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