Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City


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Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed series by sharing a NiteCap inside David's Cafe on South Beach with former NFL star & reality TV personality Chad Johnson. Chad opens up exclusively to Peter about past with Evelyn Lozada, monogamy, embattled NFL career and Liberty City childhood.




Redskins Forever

if you want to be loyal to "the" woman in your life:
1. make sure it's the right woman
2. make it a mindset or a least have a thought. as a competitor I made being loyal the prize.
3. go to church, mosque, temple, meditate or a therapist. (mine was Jesus). samson's story teaches that a man who is easily seduced is weak. there is also a boost of pride when you reject these girls or whoresūüėŹ

eddie may

13:48 drop top Ferrari

Kenny Lo

Chad is an impressive guy

Progressive One

I miss Chad a lot! gotta get him screen time Asap

Sinorena Talkar

Dude mad uncomfortable he can't keep his hands and his body under control compared to Chad who just chill n relax

jay hall

Just be Chad, if it doesn't fit you shuck it off. Individuality is important.....

Birdie Lee

this dude got black nail polish on orrrrr ūü§Ē

Dasmarina Huggins

This defenitley inspires me to be myself and be ok with being a quote on quote weirdo.

Angel Sanders

i wanna say i think alot of how and why chad thinks and looks at things might be,because of how the struggle and how hard he's had to come up on his own to be successful on his own. i say that because that's how i do things and feel about it at least for me,i think it makes us like this to some extent. ..but ppl always say we're selfish always. but in reality we're confident in our own views and how and what we've had to do to make it in life honestly.


I agree totally with Chad and open relations. In general for black people relationships with one lover only come about more because of environmental difficulties yet the need for sex, exploration, race understanding and intimacy is an unfulfilled need. Marriage may be part of a "white" American dream not a universal one. In other nations multiple wives is customary. That's because truly there a too many people to deal with on some level or another in the world. Chad is intense and I like the fact that he is non- conforming. A black male in his range is stereotyped prison and street destined. He should have moved as he did easily to carve a niche . His range along with Terry Crews and Mike Tyson to name a few are a societal threats visually harsh to look at and contend with.

Lhin Doh

If you're gonna get married, retire first


Chad came hard with this interview, Ochocinco dropped that knowledge

nigel solomon

Is my dudes nails painted???

Katrina Dubose

Peter Bailey doesn't understand,  Ive been watching the different sessions of their conversations together (with chad), and he keeps saying that Chad is not being honest.  Lol, Chad is who he is, who he was created to be with his thought forms and the lifestyle he chooses.  Whereas Bailey is still stuck contemplating and speculating, struggling...not truly "free" from social implications and standards.  At the end of the day, there are people all over the world including some religions and tribal lifestyles where polygamy is the norm.  But when we are so fixated upon, where we were brought up and socialized of course there is so much "Wrong" and "accusatory" judgements.  To be an open mind, is to understand the world is a vast place with many ways to exist.  Now when it comes to the individual to create positive experiences, one must be Integral, and honest.  That way you are not 'fooling' anyone.  Players that are discreet and withhold information, and lie to women, are the men who are truly manipulative and condescending.  Chad simple knows his colours, and that his utmost value is FREEDOM, and thus his lifestyle is an extension of that.  With that said, people move in an out of lifestyles and thought forms as they evolve as souls, perhaps at one point he was monogamous.  And now his truth and his life has taken him to another place of understanding.  So be it,


Cheatin Ain't A Mistake Tho, It's A Conscious Decision.  Just Being Real, But Trina Right, But By Nature Were Not Monogamous.  We're All Hoes By Nature.  Men And Women.  Monogamy Is Forced That's Why It's So Hard To Uphold.  Best To Find A Orgy Relationship Where U Can Switch Up When U Want Or An Open Relationship.  I Love My Hoes I Love These Hoes It's Not Suppose To Be As Complicated As People Make It.  The Hippies Had The Right Idea, Free Love

Zay Hitz

Lol dude refuse to believe that he is in control of the bad decisions he's made

We Were Once Kings

Great interview!!! Never thought I would say, that I could like or even respect Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! Even when it doesn't fit into society's "perfect" box. Be honest, keep learning and growing but most of all, BE YOU!  On another note, it is so refreshing to see men of African-descent conversing about meaningful life issues in an intelligent and relatable manner. Watched the Lil Boosie interview which was also very well done.

y lotson

cracking up 


This guy just rambles on and on and doesn't make any sense

Jolynn Taylor


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