Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City


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Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed series by sharing a NiteCap inside David's Cafe on South Beach with former NFL star & reality TV personality Chad Johnson. Chad opens up exclusively to Peter about past with Evelyn Lozada, monogamy, embattled NFL career and Liberty City childhood.


It's a beautiful thing about growth...big difference between now and then with Ocho and we all have been there




12:40 beautiful woman get more traumatized


9:25 thank you!!!


Dope ass Interview!

Chad a smart ass dude!


Chads feet are too fast and quick for life’s box.


If he took that, it’ll fail attitude on the field he would not be the player he was. I believe you can have the same discipline in relationships. But if you don’t invest time in Christ, you will be weak and fail. Can’t have it both ways. I love him though. However, there was drama in his relationship although he was honest and that’s how the fight that led him in jail started....drama over some unfaithfulness although he was honest in the beginning.


He can’t do it, but through Christ one can be faithful and sacrifice. But one has to invest in their relationship with God. If you sew into the flesh you will reap from the flesh. That interviewer is dope but Chad is not listening although he keeps telling him to listen.


You can tell ocho can't relate to this guy in the slightest bit lol


Chad primetime unstoppable


That's cuzz Chad don't want to get hurt! He won't put his all in! That's that Capricorn life!


Monogamy is most definitely not impossible. Anymore than stealing isn't impossible. Just don't do it.


That's what I like Do you Dats dat real nicca. The best ever done it. My guy.


Thank you Ocho! As a black man, all my life I have fought to be "me" without being a stereotype. Theater, history, travel, Orchestra, Art, the Beatles. None of it fit into your norm of being "black" till I found out it was all bullshit. Be yourself. Good to hear another dude like myself out there.


I love Ocho. Live and die by the sword (your values & truth). A true Samurai


Chad is realer than any one who disagrees!! Look at every great man in the Bible women in one form or the other were there flaw except Jesus


paints nails black “man he’s so different” ....uh ok.


i think if 2 people value the security that comes with monogomous relationships, theyre MORE LIKELY to remain faithful to eachother.....but theres always going to be other people that come into your life that strike your interest so im a big advocate of hanging out with other women, going out to eat, movies, maybe even a handjob LOL just no sex.


Chad the truth!


One of the best interviews I've watched.



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